Indian Bridal Jewelry- Classic Designs Are Always In Vogue

Indians splurge a lifetime of emotions, joys, anxieties, and of course, the bank balance on their daughter’s wedding.


We could be residing anywhere in the world- India, Canada, USA, or UK, a daughter’s wedding is ‘the’ dream that Indian parents harbor since the day she is born. The bride’s jewelry is one of the most valuable and important buys in the wedding and a lot of thought and selection goes into making this important investment.

Bridal jewelry- Choices and Trending preferences

2018 witnessed a lot of glam celebrity weddings of Indian movie stars. And what stunning jewelry these brides wore! The beautiful Kundan[i] sets that Sonam Kapoor wore or the traditional South Indian temple jewelry that Deepika adorned on their D-Day! We also saw some other stars flaunting jadau[ii] sets paired with intricately carved Jhumkas and Maangtikas.

The Wedding Jewelry had mesmerizing styles and breathtaking designs created by world-famous artists and designers. However, one common element prevailed in all these beautiful pieces Traditional Heritage Jewelry that we have all seen in our moms’ and grandmoms’ collection. Be it the Kundan, Polki, Jadau set, or even the opulent temple gold jewelry, simple yet ornate classic pieces never go out of style.

Another celebrity bride that made waves with her fine jewelry collection was Priyanka Chopra, who chose to wear designer jewelry made of uncut diamonds, emeralds, and Japanese pearls. A different combination, a different yet captivating look!

For Hindu Indian weddings, we like to go for traditional attires that are usually red, pink, golden, or in similar colors. Both gold and diamond jewelry is suitable for Indian bridal outfits.

I’m a non-resident Indian residing in the States. What kind of Jewelry should I invest in for my daughter’s wedding?

As we just discussed, no style of jewelry ever goes out of style. Renowned designers are recreating age-old trinkets with fresh ideas and new designs. First, select a good designer or Jewelry store that will understand the exact preferences of the bride and her family. And then taking everybody’s opinion and budget into consideration, they should provide you a piece that your daughter cherishes as a priceless gift from her parents.

Though away from home, I would like to go for the traditional pieces. But my daughter’s opinion differs, what to do?

If it’s a Christian wedding, go for trendy diamond pieces that complement the western bridal outfit. Platinum , silver, and diamond jewelry are so much in vogue and the first choice for many youngsters today. And if you want her to gift her some traditional jewelry which complements her wedding outfit, some convincing is required.

The story of Indian jewels is a saga and introduces your daughter to this tale of timeless pieces. Take her through this journey and explain how they are carried further as heirlooms. Visit an Indian Jewelry store and ask her to try on some trinkets, like the haar(necklace),  or a chokhar, and team it up with complementing maang tikkas[iii], matha patti, hathphool[iv], and bangles. If she is still not besotted by the magnificence of Indian Bridal Jewelry, go for something more contemporary and fashionable.

As I wrap-up…

A note for the Indian Bride- your attire and jewelry is defined by you, and not vice versa.

In jewelry, there is no such thing as ‘in vogue’ because classic Indian jewelry is timeless. Explore various options in the market, and take suggestions from your parents and other brides. Finally, pick pieces that complement your apparel, skin tone, and make you feel good! And, if you enjoy what you are wearing, trust me, you will be the most beautiful Indian Bride around!